Night Seduction

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Full Moon.”

The appearance of full moon during the night usually will create a gravitational force which will led the phenomenon such  the tidal force and sometimes attracting certain animals to go out within the night. All of the events mostly occurred scientifically. Subjectively, the full moon always give a strong force of attraction to my eyes whenever they meet each other. The power of the attraction sometimes will force me to stop instantly for a while starring the beauty of the moon and normally it will be longer if the moon comes with some clouds and stars around. It always made me to think of the solar system, stars, milky way, nebula and others. Sometimes, it will be such a painful to leave it anyway and perhaps one night I’ll have that moment where I can spend more time with the moon.

No doubt, the full moon is a big seduction during night and I always can’t resist to fall in love with it.

The moon, the only one, my only one.

Night Seduction

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