Karma as parameter

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Karma Chameleon.”

The idea of Karma can be acceptable in most of our activities everyday. But somehow it also can be unsatisfactory in certain aspect.

For peoples who plan to do some evilness, they might think that they will retaliates with the same affliction that they have done as what Karma told, so they leave it. While peoples doing goodness might think that their good deeds will be reply with any beneficence, so they work on it. This is how the useful of Karma that we can see in front of eyes.

But the matter is when we talk about honesty, how can Karma deal with it?

For examples, a boy wishing to steal his friend’s goods, but because of Karma he manage to refuse his job. Same goes to them doing good deeds, hoping there will be rewards for them back in the sake of Karma. Where do we can find the honesty? Doing things for a reply or doing things naturally?

This doesn’t say that Karma is not an acceptable idea. Karma is a practical idea which applied in our society. It can be a medium on how to discipline ourselves yet reducing crime. But in another perspective, it can be a medium or parameter on how to identify the existence of honesty in individual context.

Preferably hire people who helps in voluntary, rather than waiting for reward.

Karma as parameter